Sorry about the new ugly Smugmug format, but welcome to some images from travels in and around my home bases in Alaska and Thailand, San Francisco conveniently in between, and other places not. Bears in Alaska the most recent project. Updates coming for more recent years in Southeast Asia. All kinds of other stuff too: Alaska sled-dogs, Girdwood Forest Fair, years of Thailand, and lots more people, local culture too. Slowly slowly...

Soon as possible will move the site away from Smugmug so it can look decent again. Gotta escape the wide-world of SmugSmug. Soon. Reopened now as is only for requested renewed access. Sorry again Smug sucks so bad.

Thanks for coming. One Love. Be Irie.

randy sears                                                                                                        photographie irie

                           travel kit: canon 5d iii, 5d, 24-70L, 100-400L, 1.4X, 100 Macro
                                       at home: 300 4.O L, 85 1.2 L2, 24-105L, 50 1.4
                                               too many lenses      never enough

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